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Eric Veille

Eric Veillé is an author and illustrator of children’s and teenagers’ books. He studied applied arts at the Duperré School of Applied Arts in Paris, France.

He lived for two years in Cambodia. After working on the illustrations of an anthology of German poetry for Éditions Mango Jeunesse (2003), in 2008 he starts working on comic books for Éditions Cornélius; his first book there is Le sens de la vie et ses fréres (The Meaning of Life and Its Brothers).

He has worked as a graphic designer and as a creative director for Éditions Seuil Jeunesse but in 2012 he decides to devote himself completely to writing and illustrating children’s books.

Since then he has published many books with Actes Sud Junior: Maman à l’école (Mum at School), illustrated by Pauline Martin (2015), Mon imagier après la tempête (My Pictures after the Storm) (2014), Les secrets de l’école, où vont les maîtresses après le coucher du soleil? (School Secrets: Where Do the Teachers Go after Sunset?) (2014), Un Monstre à chaussettes (A Sock Monster) (2014), Le bureau des papas perdus (The Bureau of Misplaced Fathers), illustrated by Pauline Martin (2013), Tout sur le grand méchant loup (Everything about the Big Bad Wolf) (2013), Sorcières à chatouiller (Tickle the Witches) (2013), Pirates à tartiner (Pirate Spread) (2013) as an author and illustrator, as well as the Lionel series in 2016.