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Pauline Martin

Pauline Martin is a French artist, author and illustrator of comic books and children’s and teenagers’ books. She leaves her medical studies behind and enters the art school Ateliers de Sèvres, followed by the Higher Institute for Applied Arts where she is taught by Kilofer, Dupuis and Berberyan who are also her mentors.

Her work is published in Strips Magazine and she takes part in Comix 2000. For several years she has been working as a graphic designer in a publishing house, and at the same time she explores her own universe. She has published two autobiographical texts at Ego Comme X: La boîte (The Box) in 2000, and La meilleure du monde (The Best in the World) in 2001.

In 2004 together with David B. she publishes Leonora at Denoël Graphic. She is the author of several books: Ce que je sais de ma maman (What I Know about My Mom) and Mon grand frère (My Big Brother). She has illustrated Astrid Desbordes’ Les rêveries d’un hamster solitaire (Reflections of a Solitary Hamster), Le dîner surprise (The Surprise Dinner), Le goûter des Polipoils (The Breakfast of the Polipoils), Le Noël des Polipoils (The Christmas of the Polipoils) and Le Voyage d’un hamster extraordinaire (The Voyage of an Extraordinary Hamster).

In 2017 she won the Incorruptibles Magazine Award together with Eric Veillé for Maman à l’école.